FAQs for Businesses

Boosterville is an automated marketing and loyalty platform that makes it easy to grow your business because we promote your business to customers who want to “Buy For Good” from merchants who share back to their community. Those customers, in turn, promote their shopping experience on Facebook with Boosterville technology.
Boosterville markets your business to nonprofits that have highly motivated supporters who want to “Buy for Good.” We call them Boosters who will use their linked Visa card to buy from your business. As a way of thanking your customers for shopping with you, you share back a small portion of that transaction to the nonprofits they support. They, in turn, will have the opportunity to share their experience with an automated Facebook post provided by Boosterville.
There are no subscription fees or startup costs. You will make a $.50 marketing fee to Boosterville ONLY when a registered Booster has buys something from you! An additional small donation to a nonprofit is set up and made by you with a suggested 10% donation on a $10 minimum purchase. We can help you customize your offer.
Not only do Boosterville nonprofits encourage their supporters to shop at Boosterville businesses, each Boosterville customer receives an immediate, congratulatory text message with a Facebook link, so it can be posted on the customer’s personal timeline promoting your business.
If you consider your least effective marketing spend and allocate it to participating in Boosterville, this can work for you. No swipe of a loyalty card, coupons at check out or training of employees on the point of sale. Boosterville technology automatically tracks activity.
Yes, because your donations are paid to the Boosterville Foundation. Consult your CPA as we think this may be more efficient as a marketing spend for you.
Boosterville takes privacy and security very seriously. With our Visa Agreement, Boosterville NEVER sees credit card information as registration of Visa cards is done directly with Visa. We do not have access to any credit card information.
Not yet. Visa is the only card processor that meets the security standards we require. All Visa debit and credit cards including reloadable Visa gift cards work, with the exception of Visa health savings account (HSA) cards.
Not yet. At this time, we can only work with businesses that use Visa processing directly.
Because never before has a business been able to measure the effectiveness of the donations made to nonprofit groups. Boosterville gives you innovative technology on a personalized dashboard that can be reviewed regularly. Contribution amounts can be adjusted at any time to best fit your needs. We know that there are many businesses interruptions during your day, so we provide counter cards for you to distribute to nonprofits requesting donations that refers them to the Boosterville program.
Boosterville can work in conjunction with any of your existing programs OR it can be used as an alternative. Boosterville works to deepen your existing customers’ loyalty to your business because you are helping local groups they care about.
Only 24 hours! After you sign up, our Merchant Success Team is available to handle details for you during normal business hours at 317-689-8585.
We recommend staying active for at least 90 days, but if you aren’t happy, you can cancel at any time.
We have nonprofit groups signed up across the country, including nationwide agreements with the National PTA (Parent Teacher Association), The United Methodist Church and Music for All (high school bands). As new nonprofits come on board that want to “Buy For Good,” they will send their Boosters to buy from you. Your business will gain access to new customers who can be turned into loyal customers.
No. Your electronic Boosterville report is separate from anything you receive from Visa. You will receive your Boosterville Business Report the first week of each month with the amount of contributions for the prior month. The report will show total contributions as well as a breakdown by nonprofit groups.
Yes. The contribution amount will be returned as a credit on your Boosterville account. If the return is made during the same billing cycle, it will cancel the charged amount. If it occurs in a subsequent billing cycle, it will be credited to your account.
We prefer that you provide us with your ACH information for the most efficient way to process. You will receive your Boosterville Business Report every Friday with a month-to-date total so you can monitor the trend for the month. By the 5th of the following month, if we don’t have your ACH information, you will get an invoice for the previous month’s $.50 fees and the amount you are sharing back to your customers’ nonprofit groups.
No. You will only contribute on Visa credit and debit card transactions made by registered Boosterville users who are buying from you because you will support their chosen nonprofit.
No. Boosterville:

  • Enables you to strengthen your relationships with existing customers by showing your commitment to organizations they support.
  • Encourages existing customers to spend more at your business (higher than average transaction) because the more they spend, the more their group will benefit.
  • Increases return visits to your business because you are helping their group.
    Promotes your business on social media by asking new and existing customers to share their experience on social media.
You will only have a huge bill if you also have huge sales! You only contribute if someone has made a purchase from you. If your business contributes $1,000 per month to various nonprofit organizations, this means you had $10,000 worth of purchases made by Boosters at an average 10% share back amount.