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Raise money when your supporters Buy for Good.

Boosterville is a fundraising program that connects cause-driven buyers with businesses to raise money for nonprofit organizations. Participating businesses share back a small portion of the transaction when these buyers, or Boosters, make a purchase using a linked Visa debit or credit card.

That’s it. No more overpriced cookie dough. No more melted chocolate bars. Just simple, intentional purchasing. And best of all, nonprofits keep 95% of the contributions shared back by participating Boosterville businesses.

every year schools sell over


of wrapping paper and cookie dough. STOP THE MADNESS.

Boosterville makes fundraising easy.

Nonprofit groups encourage their Boosters to make intentional purchases from participating Boosterville businesses, such as restaurants, hair salons, pet groomers, bookstores, coffee shops and more. In return, these businesses share back a small portion of those purchases directly to the nonprofit group designated by the buyer. No more kids selling trinkets door-to-door. No more brochure sales in the breakroom. Simply buy what you want.

How Boosterville Works

Register your school with Boosterville

Your Boosters create Boosterville accounts, select your nonprofit, and register their Visa credit and debit cards.

Boosters use the Boosterville app to find participating businesses all over the country.

Use the Boosterville App
Shop at Boosterville stores

Boosters buy from Boosterville stores and restaurants. A portion of the sale is automatically shared back to your nonprofit organization.

Register your school with Boosterville

Create a Boosterville® account, select your school, and register your favorite credit and debit cards.

Use the Boosterville App

Use the Boosterville® app to find participating merchants all over the country.

Shop at Boosterville stores

Buy things you actually want from Boosterville® stores and restaurants. A portion of the sale is automatically donated to your favorite charity.

Get steady, year-round fundraising dollars delivered straight to your nonprofit!

Benefits of using Boosterville

Mobile App

Gain exposure for your nonprofit when Boosters share on social media

Greater Reach

Boosters can make purchases at participating businesses nationwide

Stronger Local Economy

Local spending boosts your group and businesses in your community

Contribution Amount

Keep 95% of the money shared back by businesses

Cash Flow

Nonprofits get a year-round steady stream of funds raised

Give Thanks

Thank businesses that support your group by asking supporters to buy from them

Social Impact

Nonprofits and the local community benefit from intentional spending

Create intentional, year-round fundraising for your nonprofit when your supporters Buy for Good.

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