How To Raise Money with a Wish List

Jill Turcic Nonprofit, Uncategorized

Many of the nonprofit groups we work with have a need for collecting items from supporters. School groups often request donated items for silent auctions. Food pantries and homeless shelters request canned goods and other necessities. In the case of a tragedy, like a house fire or natural disaster, sometimes entire households are forced to start from scratch.

We’ve found that a really easy and effective way to collect these needed items is to create a wish list at Target. By selecting specific items, you ensure you’re getting what you want and need. Well-intended supporters may donate clearance items, outdated food, and other things that frankly, aren’t really what you had in mind. You also make it really easy for people to donate with a wish list. By sending them a link, they can click, order on the spot and have delivered. This saves them time and energy because they know you’ll get exactly what you want and they don’t have to pick it up or deliver it.

If this wasn’t reason enough to use a wish list, did you know you can also raise money back on the items purchased off your Target wish list? Check out our “How To” guide below to create a wish list for your group. When the link is ready, send to, and we’ll send you a customized link to send out to supporters. When using the link provided by Boosterville, all purchases can raise up to 3.2% back from Target. For a limited period of time (through 3/31/18), the money raised by any Indiana-based nonprofit will by doubled thanks to an anonymous donor.


Here’s an example so you can see how easy this is. A local nonprofit, Outreach Indiana, created a wish list for a “Socks Drive.” By clicking on the link below, their supporters will be taken straight to their Target wish list. Not only will they get socks for the homeless teens they support, they will also raise money on the items purchased. It truly is a WIN WIN! Outreach plans to use this wish list to collect different needed items, like deodorant, jackets, and shoes, throughout the year.

We would love to do the same for you! Please contact for more information on getting set up as a nonprofit with Boosterville. #BuyForGood