The Results Are In: Boosterville Increases Average Spend!

Jill Turcic Business

Boosterville is excited to announce the positive sales trends we are seeing after studying recent sales metrics. Local business owners, like Gavin Baugh, owner of 4 area HotBox Pizza stores, are seeing a marked increase in average ticket price. The share back amount HotBox offers to area nonprofits is 10% on a $10 minimum purchase. Considering the average spend nearly doubled, the program is more than paying for itself.

This Fox 59 segment shares more about how Gavin has embraced the Boosterville platform. He is utilizing it to drive traffic, increase loyalty, and engage with his community in meaningful ways that also make sense for his business.  Boosterville is proud to have such a strong community partner on board and always encourages Boosters to thank participating businesses by buying from them. #BuyForGood #HotBoxPizza